The Miracle of Coffee Grounds


Get Those Coffee Grounds Off the Ground and Turn Them Into Amazing Stuff!

By Otto Kreistler



Coffee grounds are things most people would never dream of recycling, much less look at again. Once people have squeezed out and brewed the coffee, a lot of individuals think that there is very little people can do to those worn out grounds, right? Wrong! There are countless things that can still be done to those little pieces of waste products to make your life a whole lot easier.

So you'd like to know just what these things are? Take a sneak peek at the many wonders of using coffee ground usage:

First off you can use coffee grounds to make amazing pet cleaners. And how do you do it? You just mix some coffee ground extract with some water and voila! You have a wonderful cleaning solution that you can use for your pet anytime of the week. Some would even go so far as to claim it keeps various parasites like ticks and fleas off your pet for good. Although this is yet to be proven by actual scientific analysis, it's promising enough to try, right?

As for the pet problem, you can actually use coffee grounds to deter your pets from defecating in a certain spot. Spreading coffee ground and orange peel on a certain surface can make a certain surface too exotic smelling for your pets to want to relieve themselves in. And that's a whole lot better for your cleaners and for you!

One of the biggest and most useful functions of coffee ground is a natural skin exfoliant. You'll soon be sporting better skin because of a little known beauty secret. Rubbing coffee ground on your skin may not be everyone's idea of a great cleansing session but trust me, it works almost as good as anything when it comes to removing dead skin cells. It will not only make you much better looking but it will also make you save a lot more money by saving up on expensive cosmetics.

These are but a few of the several things that you can do when you're faced with how to get rid of your coffee grounds. If you want to know more about coffee grounds and the cool things you can do with them (other than throw them away) go to:










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