Home made Petkid dog food recipe!



Ajeeth Peo Francis, Dog parent of a Boxer named Emily


If you want to give your pet the best food possible, I’d recommend making it yourself. This is a recipe I use for my pet boxer.

  1. add a cup of rice
  2. add half a kilo of chicken / lamb / fish (deboned)
    adding liver is a good idea. Also pressure cook lamb bones, they are excellent treats!
  3. add chopped leafy veggies: lettuce, cucumber, greens, broccoli etc.. Avoid bulbs (onions, garlic etc.) also avoid any fancy things like nuts and spices.
  4. add a smidge of turmeric
  5. add about a litre or more of water
  6. pressure cook for 10–15 minutes
  7. cool and serve

This preparation usually lasts for 3–4 servings (2 days) depending on your dog’s breed, weight and age.

I also include high quality dog food as part of her diet because this usually includes essential minerals and vitamins that her cooked food might lack.

Happy Parenting!


lisa sp