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We here at Simply Pets Lifestyle know that so many of you have fascinating stories to tell or know some one who does, so what are you waiting for? Grab that pen and paper or lap top and share with US your story and your pictures!

We have a few suggestions as to how we would like to see your story shared… and don’t be shy. Even if you have never fancied yourself as a writer before, take heart in knowing that our Simply Pets Magazine staff is always willing to lend a helping hand or paw, or wing or….you get the picture. We are just happy to help you tell your story! 

How and Where to send articles and pictures: Write your article and mail it to us at Simply Pets Magazine 620 South Orcas Street Suite # 80651 Seattle, Washington 98108


We prefer if at all possible for you to EMAIL us at  and please put the words “Great story to be told” in subject line.   If you email us your story should be sent in a word document.

Your story should be about ½ page to 1 full page. If you believe you have a much longer story to tell, by all means tell it…who knows you might just be considered to have your story as one of our many features! Features are substantially longer and you should creatively be able to fill several pages. 2-3 pages! Don’t forget, if you have some fantastic pictures that will help tell your story then please do send those along… you know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”  

How many Words:  Now this can be a bit tricky depending on whether you have photos or not, BUT allow anywhere from 650-700 words for a full page article.

Graphics:  You say you have a photo? OR a Graphic?  
Well… we want to see it! If you are submitting a story whether a ½ page or full page we do need one or the other to accompany your story! 

What format?   We asked our graphic team and they can work with just about anything! The preferred format however is JPEG or TIFF. Please use the highest resolution possible. Again, we would prefer a minimum of 300dpi’s!  If you use a Mac then that is an EPS format for you!  Sorry folks the one thing our graphic team does not want are Bitmap files.

 Who owns my stuff?  Good question…Ownership/Copyright: Our legal eagle beagles said we must include this disclaimer… if you send it to us we will make sure that the written and photo credit are given accordingly. Please note though that ALL copyright of articles / material etc. will be given to Publisher. The only exception to this is if you have received written understanding from our Publisher prior.


Looking forward to hearing from you!