A GOOSE AS A WATCH DOG? Mmmm What do you think?


Wellllllll Hello there! What does a goose say?

I don’t think there’s another animal that can be on par with dogs when it comes to family protection, but you can try having a goose. They are loud, territorial, and very sensitive to movement around them. When a goose honks, everyone wakes up for sure. While I wouldn’t say as an all-in-one family protection, having a goose is like having a motion detector around the yard which can be anything from squirrels or actual thieves.                                            

Robinson, 25-years as a veterinarian in United Kingdom

-Lacey Sheridan put her thoughts in as well! THANKS Lacey!                                                                   I will certainly second that! Some years ago, I was looking at a home in North Carolina. I arrived before the realtor, and when I stepped out of the car, some geese came running out from behind the house. I ignored them - who’s afraid of birds? - until the homeowner came yelling out of the house, “Get back in the car!” The damn things menaced me until their owner coaxed them into a pen out back.


lisa sp