Do Pets Have Emotions?


Do pets have emotions?


When I am back home after any period of time, my dog runs to me as fast as she can, tail wagging furiously, jumping in the air to get my attention. That's happiness.

When she's locked out of a room she desperately wants to explore, she paws the door and lets out woeful cries that sound like the end of earth is near. That's anguish.

When she's trying to eat the dustpan and is yelled at, she gives us a look of defiance, bites the dustpan one more time, and looks at us again, as if to say, "There, I did it again! Whatcha gonna do!". That's haughtiness, baby.

When we're playing, and she's running fast, ears flapping, with her feet barely touching the ground, she rolls over and over in her haste to reach her little red ball before I do, tripping and falling over in excitement. That's unbridled joy, my friend.

When I wake up in the morning, and open my eyes to the sight of her looking at me, waiting patiently for me to get up, so she can tell me she's hungry... I go and pick her up in my arms, and I'm wished a "good morning" with licks all over my face... That's love.

Do pets have emotions? Yes they do, in abundance. They're a whirlpool of emotions, making our lives better, just by being.

Story by Asha Tampa


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