Taking Your Pet On Vacation


Taking Your Pet on Vacation by Linda Goguen

 If you love your pets as much as I do, you wouldn’t think of going on vacation without them. With a little planning and trying some of these helpful tips vacationing with your pets and be as easy as “sit” and “stay”.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your pet is used to riding in your vehicle, nothing can ruin a vacation as fast as a car-sick pet. If your dog isn’t used to riding in the car, you can get them used to it by first let them just sit in the car in your driveway. Then start going for short rides and slowly increase to longer rides. This should give your pup a chance to acclimate to being in the car.

You can also avoid car sickness by letting your pet travel on an empty stomach, but be sure to have plenty of water available at all times.

Make sure your car is well-ventilated. If your dog is in a crate, make sure that fresh air can flow through the crate. If your dog is loose in the car do not let them ride with their head out the windows as this can lead to eye injuries and infections in the nose and ears.

Never leave your pet unattended in a closed vehicle particularly in warm weather. For pit stops designate someone to stay in the vehicle with your dog so that your pet can remain to be safe. A car even with the windows open can get hot enough to kill your pet in a very short time.
Be sure to stop at least every 2 hours for potty breaks and exercise. This is not only good for your dog but also good for your own health to reduce fatigue. Please always clean up after your dog both at rest stops and at your destination.

Plan where you will be staying in route and at your destination to make sure the motels/hotels you are going to allow your type of dog. Remember vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing, nothing can ruin that faster than not being able to find a place to stay.

Please respect the other guests, staff and property wherever you stay. Keep your dog as quiet as possible and never leave them alone in your room. Many dogs will be scared if left alone in a strange place and are likely to bark or destroy property.

Remember to be considerate of others and leave your room and the grounds in good condition. This way everyone can enjoy their vacations and our pets will be welcome guests at more and more places.


So as we plan our vacations this summer be sure to include your four legged friends too. With just a little preparation taking your pet on vacation can be a walk in the park. Always take your pets favorite bed or blanket with you on your trip to make them more comfortable wherever you stay. You can find that bed at http:// www.GoToLuxuryDogBeds.com so visit us before you head out. And most of all have a Great Vacation and Enjoy Your Summer!


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