There is a saying in Brazil:


It means, everything is blue.

Blue for happy, blue for calm, blue for sky.

It's Simply...Azul.

Simply Azul Chocolates... you passport to the Heart of Blue.  

Blue happens to be our Founders Lisa Smith Putnam's favorite color, perhaps because of the peacefulness it brings, perhaps it reminds her of the ocean or the sky on a bright sunny day. No matter what the reason, wonderful things happen when Simply Azul Chocolates transport you to the Heart of Blue.

Simply Azul Chocolates handcrafted locally in Lisa Smith Putnam's home state of Washington. They begin with the finest Nobel Chocolate - made from Criollo and Trinitario cacao, the rarest 10% of all chocolate produced - and are created in small batches, one by one by one.

Inspired by Lisa Smith Putnam ~ Crafted by Janet Straub, Chocolatier

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Order a signature tiered box of Simply Azul Chocolates today, for you or a friend, and step into your very own Heart of Blue.  You may also sign up for our Simply Azul Chocolates Passport Club, where each month you can experience the world through our exquisite truffles... handmade and made with love. 

 How about we start right here in our own backyard with a Lavender Cheesecake truffle, delicately flavored with fragrant lavender fresh from the Pacific Northwest? Then perhaps a trip to the Mediterranean, with sunlit flavors of Pistachio and Orange, or a journey to Mexico with a Palenque truffle, a spicy fusion of chile pepper, exotic spices, and the finest Vietnamese cinnamon.

Bring your Simply Azul Passport and let's begin the journey!