Climate Warming Influence The Sex of The Sea Turtles by Agenlia Scott

 Costa Rica's Playa Grande resort has long been famous because of the leatherback sea turtles national park, night tours of sea turtles and the sea turtles museum. Many tours come to there in order to see the sea turtles. However, the disorder development of the towns and cities together with the rise of the temperature and the rise of sea level, which have all greatly reduced the number of Pacific sea turtles.

Last year, there have been a myriad of sea turtles to nest in a given night on the beach, a lot of scientists have only observed for a whole year to 32 leatherback turtles. Due to leatherback turtles close to extinction, the museum of Playa Grande had been abandoned three years ago. Today, the museum and its surrounding areas have become a sea overgrown with weeds.

Even the scientists have discovered overt the past few decades, before the temperature rise slowly, sea turtles are constantly exposed to the beach construction, floating net fishing. However, sea turtles have existed in the Pacific region for 1.5 million years, climate change has become the last straw that overwhelms them.

Sea turtles are very sensitive to the climate warming effects. They are feeding on coral reefs, while coral reefs dead because more and more hot water and more and more acidic. They bury their eggs on the beach, but the beach has been damaged because of sea-level rise and an increase in strong storms.
Even more special is that the turtle's sex is not determined by genes, but by the ambient temperature when they nest turtle eggs. Slight rise in temperature can make all the sea turtles hatching out of the female sea turtles, which is absolutely a big problem to the survival of this race.

Coastal habitat effects of climate change by-laws is primarily affected turtles. Climate change is much faster than before now, while the survival of these species also very dependent on the temperature. If the temperature on the sand around the eggs is to 30 degrees Celsius, the gender balance will be biased toward females, if the temperature reaches 32 degrees, the turtles will all hatch out females.

In a number of sea turtles nesting beaches, people have only through methods such as tents or artificial watering for the turtles eggs cool, and also try to be more broad restrictions on the beach area as the real estate development zone, so that the sea turtles can still find a place to incubate when the sea-level rising.
In the face of this situation, all of us should to protect the environment, so as to protect the sea turtles.

In the face of this situation, all of us should to protect the environment, so as to protect the sea turtles. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles in the Hainan Island, China. Let’s make our own efforts to the protection of sea turtles.






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