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Freshwater Aquariums by Kevin Elliott

 Benefits of a Home Freshwater Aquarium

Having a home freshwater aquarium is one of the most enjoyable  activities on the planet. If you have ever seen a aquarium, whether it  be large or small, you were probably drawn immediately to the movement  of the fish. There is just something about an aquarium that draws young  and old to watch colorful fish swim around in their own little water  world.

Water building

In the word, aqua-rium, "aqua" (from the Latin) means water and  "rium" means building. A "water building" is, in fact, a very true  literal description of an aquarium.

Whys of fishkeeping

People have a home freshwater aquarium for many reasons. The number  one reason is probably because fish are fun to watch and it relaxes you  at the same time. They are also a way to bring nature into the home.  And,in this instance, a home freshwater aquarium can serve as a  educational tool to help us understand how life works and to recognize  the beauty and wonder of the fish themselves. The more understanding we  have of the natural world, the more we value and understand human life  and all of creation.

Having a home freshwater aquarium is hobby that can be enjoyed by  people of any economic level. As you learn more about caring for fish,  It is possible to upgrade to larger and larger aquariums with more and  more fish. But, if you can't afford a 200-gallon aquarium, a one- or  two-gallon bowl with a couple of fish can still be just as enjoyable to  watch.

The great thing about fish is that you don't have to instantly meet  their needs in the same way you do with other pets. For instance, you  don't have to walk them or put up with fish chewing your couch or other  treasured belongs. And, when you go on vacation, a home freshwater  aquarium can be left for quite a long time with no maintenance at all.  If you do have to be gone for a few weeks, it is much easier to ask a  friend to feed the fish than to take care of your dog and cat.

Sit back and relax

A home freshwater aquarium has many health benefits. In fact, there  is research going back almost thirty years that proves watching the fish  in an aquarium reduces stress and  lowers blood pressure. One of the  reasons you see so many aquariums in the offices of doctors and dentists  is because studies have proven that watching the fish in an aquarium  significantly reduces the experience of pain as much as hypnosis.  Watching a video or DVD of an aquarium has exactly the same effect.

Alzheimer's and aquariums

Further benefits of aquariums can be found in nursing homes. Senior  citizens with Alzheimer's disease have shown many health improvements  from the addition of an aquarium to a dining room or rec room. These  seniors ate more, plus there was an overall reduction in stress levels,  resulting in less aggression.

Aquarium history

Aquariums are not new to the twentieth or twenty-first century. In  fact, in China and Egypt, evidence shows that fish were kept in bowls  and revered thousands of years ago. Back then goldfish had the most  popularity. People started breeding goldfish and by the mid-1800s, big  wrought-iron aquariums filled with goldfish were found across Europe.  Aquariums gained popularity in the United States at the turn of the  century and into the 1920s, the time of the first World War.

Since that time, technology has obviously changed and there now are  no limits to what you can do in terms of constructing large and small  aquariums with just about every kind of fish you can imagine.

Absolutely the biggest aquarium

Whether you have a large or small home freshwater aquarium, you will  undoubtedly reap the benefits of watching fish, with reduced stress and  better overall health. Just do a little research on freshwater fish and  in no time you could have a thriving aquarium population.

For those of you who think big, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is  the largest aquarium in the world. If you want to be astounded by  nature, this is the place to go. This aquarium has eight million gallons  of water and the biggest collection of fish and other aquatic animals  anywhere. They have whale sharks, and the shark area alone has 6.3  million gallons of water.

The Georgia Aquarium cost $250 million dollars to build and is now a  320 million dollar facility with a $13 million improvement project. The  aquarium opened debt-free because it was a gift to the people of Atlanta  and the people of Georgia from Bernie and Billi Marcus. Mr. Marcus was  the co-founder of The Home Depot chain of stores.

In the first two years, over six million people visited the Georgia  Aquarium. If you love fish and you ever have a chance to get to Atlanta,  this aquarium is a must-see. In the meantime, you can't go wrong with  any size home freshwater aquarium. Just sit back and relax, and enjoy  your fish.








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